Coach Paul

It’s been a while coming but welcome to my blog, charting my goals, progress and thoughts towards training, racing and coaching into 2018. With 2017’s races behind me, a few weeks off [...]
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Project 959

24/12/2017 After a really good few weeks, I had a little set back in terms of some minor back surgery – which was a lot more painful and restricting than I had thought it would be. After my last [...]
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03/12/2017 Throughout 2018 TeamECG athletes will be competing in a wide variety of events and challenges all over the world. We will put together a calendar of events in due course, but just [...]
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Welcome to the ECG coaching website. The new source of all information ECG! Feel free to browse our programmes, memberships and products. Contact us with any questions you have. Team ECG
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