Thanks to Endurance Coaching Group (ECG) & head coach Sam Tomkins, It turns out that a middle aged fat bloke can indeed complete a triathlon!

It wasn’t that long ago that the sofa was all too familiar. As I drank another glass of wine, reaching for my evening blood pressure tablet and wincing from lower back pain, something occurred to me. 50 years of age is not that far away, my body is broken and the size of a bus and perhaps I’d really better try and do something about my unhealthy lifestyle.

I’d always wondered how people could complete a triathlon and was convinced it was far beyond my capabilities, but when I was introduced to Sam Tomkins of ECG he assured me that it was possible and that ‘everyone has a triathlon in them’.

Sam created a tailor made programme that taught me the basics and gradually increased the work load and I was surprised how quickly I made progress. Being taught good technique and providing an excellent support mechanism was critical to my progress and this led to me enjoying the training regime. This behaviour led to more of the behaviour and before long I was hooked!

I completed my first triathlon in May 2017 and have my sights firmly set on multiple events in 2018 and beyond.

If you are considering using a coach or coaching group, you will not find a better set of people than those I have met at ECG. They are all very proficient athletes in their own right and can therefore coach with authority. You will be supported, encouraged and motivated to succeed far beyond anything you thought possible.

I cannot recommend their services highly enough – many thanks ECG and Sam Tomkins….. You’re life changers!!”

- Lloyd Pearce

Following a Microdiscectomy in July 2014 I set myself the goal of competing at Ironman Frankfurt the following year. In the early part of my recovery Sam worked closely with my Consultant Physio, tailoring a very light strength and conditioning plan with my Physio plan. Once cleared to train fully, and with 6 months until the start date, Sam provided me with a clear and easy to follow weekly training plan which he tailored around my typical weekly schedule. Sam would touch base with me each week and adjust the plan as my training went on and was always on the phone should I have a question. Sam also provided excellent nutritional advice and race tips based on his own extensive experience. In July 2015 I completed ironman Frankfurt exactly one year after my back operation which without Sam wouldn’t have been possible.

The following year I entered IM wales and again Sam coached and trained me using his training plan method. I achieved a significant improvement in every discipline and again this is down to the meticulous training and support Sam provided. Sam is an excellent coach, he links great technical knowledge and the latest sports science thinking with his own practical experience. Sam is not afraid to speak up and let you know when your not putting the effort in, but balances that well with an appreciation of modern day work and family life pressures.

Thanks Sam for all your support, guidance , harsh words and encouragement. Without you I couldn’t have achieved my goals.

- Adrian Smith

“I started racing triathlons just over a year ago now, and in all of that time I have been guided by Sam. Sam’s knowledge and expertise is second to none. Whether I have a question about fuelling over the Ironman or a strategy for an Olympic distance,
Sam’s advice is always on point.
I have completed 3 Ironman’s and with each race I have got faster and faster. Sam understands my need to go fast, but controls my training rather than allowing me to get injured by pushing too hard. His training plans allow me to steadily grow but gives me the feeling of accomplishment and to be at my optimum for race day.
Triathlon and training has become part of my life and I put a large part of that down to Sam making it fun and giving me focus.

- Andrew Ashton

“Maximising training efficiency for an Ironman is something that I feel is not possible without expert guidance. Despite the fact I am based in NY, Sam provided me with a tailored and constantly evolving training program, based around my heavy and unpredictable work schedule. Additionally, Sam guided me on all aspects of race preparation and goal setting (process and outcome – training and race).  I wouldn’t take on another Triathlon without Sam’s guidance and support and I also wouldn’t be an Ironman without him! Game changer.”

- Gary O'Brien

Paul Jones

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James Vale

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